Another Note IN Authentic Beauty

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There's a two-fold special weight of March 9 for me and my wife: (1) it is her birthday; and, (2) it is the day when she said "yes" to courtship with me. The latter happened four years ago, when I handed over a book to her with a slip bearing my "poem of intent."

Today, I tried to present to her a series of surprises which included a handing over (again) of the very same book but with an additional slip pasted inside the back cover. I wrote for her another poem as a birthday gift.

Another Nine on March 9

In front of a chow fan bowl and a siomai pair
I slid a book, depicting a girl with blonde hair
At the back were notes, each in a rhyme
Listed were 9 reasons why you should be mine

Amazed and shocked, you couldn't eat
But at least I received your “yes” so sweet
After a year and a quarter, and so much prep
We vowed to God a love parted only by death

So here I am once again drafting celebrations
Of how God blessed me beyond expectations
That because of my wife, both lovely and loving
I can look up to God, praising and glorifying

One. My family was also yours so deeply dearly
You honored my father when he left us lonely
You nurse Nanay and cook for Kuya Manny
Even my nieces grow with you so confidently

Two. You burn more time serving than shopping
Your braided hair is grounded upon your obeying
And your holiness is brighter than your earring
Cause your hope in Christ is your prettiest adorning

Three. To my shame, it’s some of you and most of me
For you have seen how low can your husband be
My temper, my impatience, my reckless immaturity
But you still paint me with honor and immense dignity

Four. We both pledged to display Ephesians 5:32
I struggle gravely to be like Christ the Head to you
But it’s crystal clear as you live to me like the Body
What more amazes me is how you submit joyfully

Five. From financial scarcity to delay of pregnancy
You raise the banner high for God’s sovereignty
You mastered the marriage of worship and waiting
Believing firmly that God, for our good, is working

Six. Fruits have multiplied since I herald beside thee
As fire needs fuel, I also need my partner in ministry
My pulpit is unfounded apart from grace and mercy
And I relish God’s grace everytime you pray for me

Seven. I must admit that you appear so charming
When you tend for souls, causing heaven to rejoicing
From Sunday school to cell group to counselling
No one but God is prouder than your husband clapping

Eight. When I read Proverbs 31, 10 to before 32
I always end up smiling as I think gratefully of you
You’re the chief reason why I find these words as true
Why should I desire rubies when I have my enough in you?

Nine. We are united in our single passion who is GOD
A passion taught to us neither by flesh nor by blood
To magnify the Triune GOD is the only and highest aim
How can’t I love the woman who made it easier to attain?

We may grow older and our faces be carved with lines
But we will stick together where Christ’s glory shines
We’ll pursue heavenly treasures and dig spiritual mines
And continue to discover jubilations that we write in nines.

flamenard, 9 Mar 2015

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