Although I have doubted Rick Warren for so long [and still have some reservations ‘til now], I never have thought that we can be closer in theology when he just talks straight. [All the following are Warren's.]
“I think any apparent contradiction in scripture is my limited capacity. Me trying to understand God is like an ant trying to understand the Internet. I don’t have the brain capacity.”

“Absolutely. I believe in the five solas. One hundred percent believe in the five solas. And I am—to those of you who know about this— I’m a monergist [someone that believes in the doctrine that says spiritual renewal is exclusively the activity of the Holy Spirit].

“I wish that those who believe in the doctrines of grace would be more gracious. That’s all I’d say… I’m an evangelical. I believe the doctrines of grace.”

“… obviously there have been historically many different theories of the atonement and I think each of them has a part. But I think fundamentally it is the substitutionary understanding that God—Jesus took our payment and you can’t understand.”

“Even the faith. And, ‘That not of yourselves.’”

“I am motivated by the fact that in the next 365 days, 136,000 Californians will die and most of them will go into an eternity without Christ. In the next 365 days, 2.4 million Americans will die; most of them will go into eternity without Christ. In the next 365 days, 74 million people in the world will go into eternity without Christ and without hope. I can’t live with that.”

“So when you say who does Christ die for? He died for the church, okay. I don’t think God’s death on the cross through Christ was a failure, if you are saying that. I do not believe that anybody he intended to die for is failing in that area.”

“I don’t believe my interpretation’s inerrant. I don’t believe anybody else’s interpretation is inerrant, but I do believe the scripture is inerrant. I believe in the plenary, verbal plenary inspiration of scripture, without a doubt.”

3:29        The glory of God.
7:16        David Wells and the weight of God’s reality.
9:00        Would you write the book the same today?
12:00     The sovereignty of God.
18:47     How do you speak of God’s sovereignty in the presence of tragedy?
22:01     How do all things work for bad for those who reject Christ?
24:14     Do you hedge on Larry King?
27:00     Unconditional election.
30:18     The importance of eternity.
34:42     How do you conceive of eternity: in heaven, on earth?
38:53     What is the Gospel?
42:00     What did Jesus achieve on the cross?
43:40     Repentance.
50:50     Why don’t you call yourself a Calvinist?
53:09     Propitiation.
54:39     Prevenient grace.
60:01     Total depravity.
61:03     Hell.
69:10     Eternal destiny of those who never heard.
72:40     The extent of the atonement.
77:00     Do unbelievers always do the devil’s bidding?
78:40     Your view of the Bible.
82:40     Expository preaching and doctrinal depth.
88:10     Rick Warren’s sacred trust.

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I have found the following document on Facebook. It appears to be genuine. Filipino Methodists, let us pray for our beloved church.


Philippines Central Conference
College of Bishops
UMC Headquarters, 900 U.N. Avenue
Ermita, Manila, 1000 Philippines

 A Pastoral Statement

To      :   The UMC Community in the Philippines
From  :   The College of Bishops

Date   :   May 16, 2011

There are some recent developments in our church about which we want to inform you and to suggest to you how we might regard and handle them.

First, on May 7, 2011, some members and pastors of our church have decided to withdraw officially their membership in The United Methodist Church and organize themselves into a separate church which they name “The Philippines Methodist Church”.  This was done in Carmen United Methodist Church in Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija and was attended by some 200 people – lay and pastors and Bishop Lito Tangonan.

This is a sad event in the history of our church.  This is the third time that there is schism in the Methodist community in the Philippines.  We deeply wish that it should never have happened.

However, for whatever reasons these people are formally breaking membership relation with us, we must acknowledge that they have the right to do so.  Membership in our church is voluntary, and withdrawal of that membership is equally voluntary.  Such a choice is an expression of the right to religious freedom.

Should they wish to restore their membership with us later on, we must welcome them.

Second, it appears that these people have proclaimed officially that the first bishop of their schismatically organized group is Bishop Lito Tangonan. By all indications in terms of his participation in the preparation of the Carmen event, the proclamation of the schismatic group, and the structuring of the schismatic church, Bishop Tangonan appears to have accepted this offer. Given his active participation in establishing the schismatic group, he could not deny the offer, and he did not. The only reasonable conclusion is that he now heads the schismatic church. This means that Bishop Tangonan has renounced his membership in the United Methodist Church, has vacated the office of Bishop of the United Methodist Church, and terminated his membership in both the College of Bishops of the Philippines Central Conference and the Council of Bishops of the United Methodist Church.

This is also a very sad event in the history of our church. We regret it very deeply.

However, Bishop Tangonan has the right to make this choice. We must respect both the right and the choice in which it was exercised.

It is only proper that in our respect of his right and of his choice, we shall no longer, from hereon, regard Bishop Tangonan as a bonafide member of our church and a bishop in our church.  

Thirdly, The pastors and district superintendents who have joined in organizing the  “Philippines Methodist Church” in  exercise  of  their  right  and  by the choice they have made are to be treated officially as having formally terminated their membership and ministry in The United Methodist Church.

The restoration of their membership and ministry – while welcome – may, however, depend on some conditions being met in accordance with the Discipline of The United Methodist Church.

Fourthly, the organizing of the Philippines Methodist Church as a schismatic group may entail questions of claims to properties.  These questions may become legal issues that may entail court litigation and action.  We shall do our best in protecting the interests and properties of The United Methodist Church.

Fifthly, we have no information that whole local churches or congregations are withdrawing from being  a  part  of  The  United  Methodist  Church connection.

It may be that only members of local churches are seceding, not whole local churches.  If this is the case, then the local church from which some of its members are withdrawing their membership remains and continues to be a local church of the entire UMC connection. Moreover, local churches are parts of annual conferences which are legally incorporated.  And so their legal status is unimpaired by some of their members terminating their membership.  If a whole local church and its entire membership decide to terminate their connectional and incorporate status, this may require an action of approval by the annual conference of which it is a member.

Finally, if a local church or some local churches decide to terminate their connectional and corporate status and the annual conference agrees, that does not impair the connectional and corporate status of the annual conference concerned. It retains legal authority over its properties, since properties of local churches are held in trust of The United Methodist Church – and are therefore connectionally held – and at the same time held corporately by the annual conference.

In conclusion, schism in the church is always a sad and troublesome affair.   They have immediate and long-term consequences.  In view of this, let us not make the situation become any worse than it is.  Let us refrain from hurting words and harmful deeds.  Let us act in good faith always speaking the truth in love.  And with every opportunity that comes, let us together work toward preserving and promoting the unity of the church.

God bless you all!

(Sgd.) Bishop Rodolfo A. Juan                                  (Sgd.) Bishop Leo A. Soriano
(Sgd.) Bishop Emerito P. Nacpil                                (Sgd.) Bishop Jose A. Gamboa, Jr.
(Sgd.) Bishop Daniel C. Arichea, Jr.                          (Sgd.) Bishop Benjamin A. Justo


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Free Book Give-Away and the Similarity Game

Posted by Bernard Rosario On 11:26 PM 2 comments

I have learned from my Kuya Manny (who blogs here) that Philippine Christian Bookstore in Dagupan is offering discounts on all OMF titles. So I dropped by and paid a visit looking for something that I could thanked Thrown Scabbard readers with.

I picked a book on hermeneutics (the science of [Bible] interpretation). How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart is a very good resource selling more than half a million copies for its usefulness, simplicity, and clarity. You can read more about the book here.

Similarity Game 

To enter the draw, just visit the following books and answer a very simple question: What do these books share in common? If it appears to be a challenge to you, then you just need to get a little lesser serious. Trust me, you don't have to be a Sherlock Holmes to find the answer. Here are the books:

  1. Doctrine of God (click here for book details)
  2. Holy Spirit: His Gifts and Power (click here for book details)
  3. The Cross of Christ (click here for book details)
  4. Safe in the Arms of God (click here for book details)
  5. This Momentary Marriage (click here for book details)
  6. John :: Crossway Classic Commentaries (click here for book details)

DOUBLE your chance of winning!

Like our Facebook page and you automatically get your draw entry doubled. (If you have already liked our page, your entry is automatically doubled.)

You can take as much time as you want as long as you submit your answer before the game closes on May 21 noon. The winner will be announced on May 22. Enjoy the game.. ^_^

Nanay Eliang

Posted by Bernard Rosario On 1:47 PM 2 comments

Sa kalagitnaan ng pagbubuntis, ang pamilya'y nasunugan
Ang iniligtas ay hindi pera o damit o maging kagamitan
Hawak-hawak ay listahan ng pautang sa aming tindahan
Iniisip ang kinabukasan ng mga anak at sinapupunan

Magtali ng sintas at tumingin ng oras
Magkwenta ng sukli at manghuli ng tutubi
Malaking letra sa una, ngalan ko man o kanya
Mag-ingat sa kalsada, tinuro lahat sa pilyong bata

Kasama sa enrolment mula kinder hanggang haiskul
Nagpumilit magpuyat para sa kolehiyo niyang bukol
Nagkabit ng ribbon, pumalakpak sa aking balagtas
Sulit daw ang hirap niya dahil lang sa gradong mataas

Ang pag-ibig ng aking ina ay hindi maipapaliwanag
Kahit nasasaktan, ngiti pa rin ang naaaninag
Ito'y walang katapusan at hindi makasarili
Sapagkat walang makakasira at hindi maikukubli

Matiisin at nagpapatawad kahit ang iba na'y nagsawa
Ipinagyayabang ang bunso kahit 'di naman kahanga-hanga
Hindi nagkukulang kahit puso'y halos mawasak pa
Patuloy sa paniniwala kahit ang lahat ay wala nang tiwala

Lampas langit, singlalim ng dagat, malawak, 'di masukat
Karaming himala, misteryo'y daig pa ang "Believe it or not"
Mauubos ang puno kung sa papel ay isusulat ang lahat
At hindi naman nagmana sa kanya, wala akong kasingtamad

Marami sa mga gawa niya, ngayon ay hindi na niya naaalala
Dahil sa stroke, siya'y nakahiga na lang sa kanyang kama
Maiiksing kwentuhan at pautal-utal niyang pananalita
Kasiyahang wagas ko na ang pagtawa niya nang bahagya

Kung babalikan ko ang mapaghimalang puso ng aking ina
Palagi kong makikita na ang Dios natin ay dakila
Pinili Niya si Nanay Eliang para tiyak ang paglaki ng tama
Nawa sa langit makapagpasalamat sa harapan nilang dalawa

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