A Note IN Authentic Beauty

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As early as the 7th National Bible Quiz last January, my bestfriend Anna Manelle is dying to buy Leslie Ludy's "Authentic Beauty" but has always been challenged with her resources. As she celebrates her birthday today, I hand over a copy of the book to her. Inside she found the following note. May you enjoy reading.


March 9, Year 29, Reason 9

Farcical was I by the age of fourteen
When proposal I made to a girl from Palaming
I know the shame being under that chico tree
Don't laugh when now, to you, it's through poetry

My antecedents here are generally childish
Like a boy losing against Yuri's Skirmish
But please endure and persevere to the end
I am just setting the stage for my message to send

First, you know that we both are already tired
Of students and friends asking if we're tied
Instead of stepping through miles of NOT
At least it will already suffice with a nod

Besides, Finals is near and fast approaching
I need someone who will assist in the checking
I don't want Mel, Anj, and Stan making a grin
When my class records to them appear clean

Allow me to state that I need a potential refuge
From a skinny guy who maybe needs the dude Freud
Don't want him to think of an imaginary reason
That her beloved Jean Grey is my obsession

For this next item, I fear to be misunderstood
For I envy those whose kids are so good
Christine Joy already has two nice AƱonuevos
While our bellies to pageants will surely lose

I am perplexed how they change their status much
Considering mine is the same since Game and Watch
I am curious and to this river I want a sip
And see in my Facebook, "...in a relationship"

"Why on my birthday?" is a question you may raise
But it's known that dates on my head can't place
For one brain cubicle, March 9 will save me
Less I forget and make you upset or even angry

Moreover, March 9 is a perfect pocket asylum
For anniversaries' expenses not being premium
It will be nine days after we receive our last pay
And we need to be thrifty until the sixth day

I guess you now find it hard to follow through
That reason eight states my pity for you
Because today, you are just a step down 30
Drawing nearer to the words of Carolyn McCulley

Your bestfriend you know even before second grade
You know there is no grim in these rhymes I made
Enough of making these tiring stanzas silly
For my mood changes, now I am drafting sincerely

The Lord taught me how to see Authentic Beauty
Eventhough, not like you, I don't read Ludy
I fully rest on the Bible's infallibility
Exciting me to see your charm even at fifty

In you, united are orthodoxy and domesticity
And even apologetics and catholicity
I can't help but appreciate you to be pretty
For the GOD of glory defines you as lovely

You may doubt, as an abstract noun, it's not superb
But I promise my love will be an active verb
Times will be testing but there is a GOD of grace
So won't you affirm and to courtship with me say Yes?

flamenard, 9 Mar 2011


She said yes. ^_^ 

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  1. Congrats to both of you! I actually don't know what to say to my sister when I read this note pasted at the back of the book itself (first time kaya 'to sa scc-umyf!). May our eternally loving God bless you as you enter courtship. Pursue it according to the principles our Father taught us. I'll be with you in prayers and in every way I could help. Our Sovereign God is indeed so good that your partnership reached this far. May the Lord bless it more, for His glory, for His bride, and for your joy! We love you, guys.

  2. leonard says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    nice..congrats both of you..god bless always

  4. Thanks, Donnie, Kuya Leonard, and Brian... ^_^

  5. wow! sir bernard and mam anna im hapi for both of you!!

  6. Sino itong gumamit ng account ko para lang mag-comment? Ma'am Leizel? Pambihira ka.. ^_^

  7. joannah_lomboy says:

    AWWWWWW... im awed! May God bless you both as you enter into another stage of journey in life (courtship) ^___________^ He has plans... BEAUTIFUL PLANS...! weeeeehhh

  8. sophie says:

    Very nice. Goodluck to both of you, as you proceed to the next stage. I know you will enjoy it.phentermine 37.5

  9. Anonymous says:

    hi, I just want to ask where did you bought this book? reading your blog is a blessing. i do look forward for your reply. thank you so much and God bless!

  10. Thanks for reading my posts and considering them to be blessings. I bought the book from our local Christian Bookstore, PCBS. If you happen to be around Pangasinan, you can find them near PMC behind the University of Pangasinan. But I believe there is a close PCBS near you.

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