A Decade-Old Poem

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I am posting a poem that I have written exactly ten years ago, when I was just 19 years old. It speaks of my passion then on body piercings, tattoos, and Christian rock music. Though I still believe that there are no inherent evils in these, GOD has caused me now to believe that loving the brethren and thinking of their welfare is much more Christlike than winning a debate on secondary non-essential issues.

by: Bernard A. Rosario
08 July 2002

Though you raise your question,
I can’t stand on your position.
This holed ear speaks of my addiction
To the One pierced for my salvation.
I’m a fanatic apprentice of Judah’s Lion
Pleasing the Most High is my cry for satisfaction.

Do you really think that it’s a sin
To have this worshipping stain on my skin?
It’s beyond my control to design my cover
Of what my pages shout even louder.
You may still insist, “It’s a worldly paint!”
But peep into my heart, I’m still a saint.

My beats are heavy, yeah, I agree
But they won’t equate with negative solemnity.
Let us draw the lines biblically.
Do you have against my Psalm 33:3?
This so called noise for you touches the core in me,
My obsessed core for Christ that eats me thickly.

My last words will just be few,
The condition of the heart is essential to God’s crew.
You cannot accuse me of doing a crime
When my steps and the cross are in a poetic rhyme.
If ever the Almighty sees my hands dirtier,
The reason will never be because of this ring below my ear.

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  1. Sam says:

    nice polemic poem

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