None But Anna Manelle

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My heart leaps when I recollect that feeling
When she couldn't eat her meal at Chowking
Who stars the love story I'm proud to retell
None but Anna Manelle, Anna Manelle

We sat a lot and did movie marathons
Disturbed a couple of times by Edward Norton
Who can read through films and see CHRIST still?
One is Anna Manelle, Anna Manelle

Church split we never desired to see
Yet amidst controversies, birthed was PMC
Who was the woman of courage when UMC almost fell?
None but Anna Manelle, Anna Manelle

New school, new job, new colleagues, new students
Everything is new, but not how time is spent
Who looks for chances of her ministry's sequel?
Of course, Anna Manelle, Anna Manelle

Documents I needed but lacked enough time
To Baguio she went alone to care for mine
Who complements me best like Piper's Noël?
None but Anna Manelle, Anna Manelle

Corporate attire, feet tortured by my shoes
ID picture taken, lower than chest is unused
Then to PCBS and UP, pain I can quell
Because of Anna Manelle, Anna Manelle

Like a SEPNASian again, I return to green
And from Taft, I travel homebound early morning
Who stays awake, and hopes I am well
None but Anna Manelle, Anna Manelle

She watched much of Scofield in Prison Break
And stayed calm though in eBay I was faked
Who relied on grace for my buy-and-sell?
None but Anna Manelle, Anna Manelle

Subtitles we demand because of Aamir Khan
But Midweek Service missed coz of Lagaan
Who then wrote that with saints we joyfully dwell?
None but Anna Manelle, Anna Manelle

Five days, four nights, fat excitement for the camp
With studies and lectures, young hearts we stamp
Who understands me best when MISSIONS I spell?
None but Anna Manelle, Anna Manelle

2012 entered, our schedules were too narrow
To school, to church, to Lingayen we go
Who prayed with me most for LIfCA to flare
None but Anna Manelle, Anna Manelle

So vexed was her when she lost my Tattoo
And in few weeks, my Asus went missing too
Who reminds me that Christ is my Jewel?
None but Anna Manelle, Anna Manelle

Her gown was the longest but she was the cutest
She was charming but with less color on her face
Who redefines beauty and catches what is real?
Few and Anna Manelle, Anna Manelle

I'm Grateful to GOD for more than rubies I found
For this woman, I will be delightedly bound
Whose name I dream to change to Rosario from Manuel?
None but Anna Manelle, Anna Manelle

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