Free Books and the Mystery Number Game

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First, let me thank you all who played the Mystery Word Game and let us congratulate Shanie Ley Repato for winning. For all those who were not fortunate to bring home the two John Piper books (that means everybody except Shanie), you have a chance to win a consolation prize of another two books.


The first of the books is Christian Manifesto by Francis Schaeffer. I got the copy of the book again from Nepo Booksale. Just like the Don’t Waste Your Life book, it is slightly used but in a good condition. You can learn more of the book here.

The second book is A Faith Worth Believing, Living, and Commending by Dennis Ngien. Dennis Ngien is so gracious that he sends multiple copies of this book to us. The one we are giving away is a spare copy. It better be handed to others so that it can be used rather than to collect dusts. By the way, it is signed by Ngien himself. You can read more about the book here.

The Mystery Number Game

Everybody is eligible to join this game except for Shanie (Sorry, Sha.. ^_^). To enter the draw, you need a little of research and math. I am looking for a mystery number. THIS NUMBER IS SO DEAR TO ME.

Let X be equal to the number of pages of this book [click here].
Let Y be equal to the number of pages of this book [click here].
Let Z be equal to the number of pages of this book [click here].
Let U be the year when this book [click here] was published.
Let V be the only number mentioned in the title of this book [click here].
Let W be the last three digits of the ISBN of this book [click here].
MYSTERY NUMBER = (W x V) + U + X + Y + Z

DOUBLE your chance of winning!

Like our Facebook page and you automatically get your draw entry doubled. (If you have already liked our page, your entry is automatically doubled.)

This game closes by Saturday (April 30) noon and the winner will be announced on Sunday. Enjoy the game.. ^_^


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