Although I have doubted Rick Warren for so long [and still have some reservations ‘til now], I never have thought that we can be closer in theology when he just talks straight. [All the following are Warren's.]
“I think any apparent contradiction in scripture is my limited capacity. Me trying to understand God is like an ant trying to understand the Internet. I don’t have the brain capacity.”

“Absolutely. I believe in the five solas. One hundred percent believe in the five solas. And I am—to those of you who know about this— I’m a monergist [someone that believes in the doctrine that says spiritual renewal is exclusively the activity of the Holy Spirit].

“I wish that those who believe in the doctrines of grace would be more gracious. That’s all I’d say… I’m an evangelical. I believe the doctrines of grace.”

“… obviously there have been historically many different theories of the atonement and I think each of them has a part. But I think fundamentally it is the substitutionary understanding that God—Jesus took our payment and you can’t understand.”

“Even the faith. And, ‘That not of yourselves.’”

“I am motivated by the fact that in the next 365 days, 136,000 Californians will die and most of them will go into an eternity without Christ. In the next 365 days, 2.4 million Americans will die; most of them will go into eternity without Christ. In the next 365 days, 74 million people in the world will go into eternity without Christ and without hope. I can’t live with that.”

“So when you say who does Christ die for? He died for the church, okay. I don’t think God’s death on the cross through Christ was a failure, if you are saying that. I do not believe that anybody he intended to die for is failing in that area.”

“I don’t believe my interpretation’s inerrant. I don’t believe anybody else’s interpretation is inerrant, but I do believe the scripture is inerrant. I believe in the plenary, verbal plenary inspiration of scripture, without a doubt.”

3:29        The glory of God.
7:16        David Wells and the weight of God’s reality.
9:00        Would you write the book the same today?
12:00     The sovereignty of God.
18:47     How do you speak of God’s sovereignty in the presence of tragedy?
22:01     How do all things work for bad for those who reject Christ?
24:14     Do you hedge on Larry King?
27:00     Unconditional election.
30:18     The importance of eternity.
34:42     How do you conceive of eternity: in heaven, on earth?
38:53     What is the Gospel?
42:00     What did Jesus achieve on the cross?
43:40     Repentance.
50:50     Why don’t you call yourself a Calvinist?
53:09     Propitiation.
54:39     Prevenient grace.
60:01     Total depravity.
61:03     Hell.
69:10     Eternal destiny of those who never heard.
72:40     The extent of the atonement.
77:00     Do unbelievers always do the devil’s bidding?
78:40     Your view of the Bible.
82:40     Expository preaching and doctrinal depth.
88:10     Rick Warren’s sacred trust.

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