Declaring War on the Day of Hearts

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Today is Valentine's Day of 2010. I'm cleaning up my Facebook wall of flooding virtual Valentine gifts. Everybody is talking about roses, chocolates, cards, huggable toys, and tikoy (Hey! You don't belong to the list!).

But for me, I am declaring a war, my virtual war. It is "virtual" NOT because it is unreal. I am more convinced of this war than the words of my mother saying I was born on September 3, 1982. This is a real war! And I am engaged into it since I breathed my first Christian air bought by the blood of Jesus Christ. But it is virtual mainly because I am pressing forward using the cyberworld. My sword is sharpened in its being electronic, and is now traveling through the Network in a louder series of zeros and ones, on and off signals.

I have launched my blog named Thrown Scabbard which I got from my admired preacher, Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Spurgeon used the analogy in at least three of his sermons:

1) He used it to describe the supposed attitude of Christians toward sin in Righteous Hatred based on Psalm 97:10 and I quote,

"War to the knife with sin! We are to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard. With all your hosts, O Hell, with every brat of your offspring, O Satan, we are to be at enmity. Not one sin are we to spare, but against the whole are we to proclaim an utter and entire war of extermination."

2) Using Matthew 6:22-23 in A Single Eye and a Simple Faith, Spurgeon says that throwing our scabbards is needed in our obedience to Christ and to His Gospel.

"Hold not out the flag of truce to the world with one hand and draw the sword with the other. Throw away the scabbard. Be the sworn enemies, forever, of everything that is selfish and sinful. And trusting in the precious blood of Christ and wearing the Cross in your hearts, go forward conquering and to conquer, making mention of your Master’s name, preaching His Word and triumphing in His Grace alone."

3) Then in Our Life, Our Work, Our Change which rooted on Job 14:14, He used the allegory once again to pertain to life as an unceasing warfare for believers who are enlisted as soldiers of Christ.

"Be surprised when you do not have to fight—be wonderstruck when the world is peaceful towards you—be astonished when your old corruptions do not rise and assault you. You must travel with your swords always drawn, and you may as well throw away the scabbard, for you will never need it. You are a soldier who must always fight, and by the light of battle you must survey the whole of your life."

I, therefore, chose the name of this blog to dedicate it to Jesus Christ, my GOD and Chief, for the glory of His Father, my GOD. This is because He has taught me that HE is the most glorious and most enjoyable Being deserving all my passions, that HE is my single passion. And having this single passion for the supremacy of GOD over all things for the joy of all peoples is an all-out war, both within and without. It requires me to throw my scabbard and unsheathe my sword as long as I breathe.

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