The Proverbs -31 Woman (That's Negative!)

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The Woman of Unprincipled Personality

-10 A woman of unprincipled personality is everywhere
She is as common as the threads of hair
-11 From her, the husband hides his gains
and he’s deprived of everything but pains
-12 She brings him troubles in great waves
until she is positioned to her grave
-13 The man with the kids wear clothes like rags
while her manicured nails she brags
-14 She’s glad when foods are bought nearby
so, from the TV, there needs no goodbye
-15 She wakes up when the sun is already high
she doesn’t care even her fam eats fungi
and payments to servants she does deny
-16 She has no vision that lasts for a long period

for her, investments cannot be charted
-17 To her tasks, she is frequently half-hearted
Her body is habitually frail, lazily bloated
-18 She spends more than 20 while she gains only 10
supplies run out by midnight, and it happens often
-19 She can’t sew, can’t cook, can’t do the laundry
unappealing to her are the works of domesticity
-20 To the poor and needy, she shows no concern
help is withheld from them who can’t pay in return
-21 Because of the things that she can’t and won’t do,
calamities catch the household unprepared too
-22 Because of discomfort, no one loves her bed
awkward when she wears something sophisticated
-23 She damages her husband’s fine reputation
his opinion is discredited when his wife is mentioned
-24 No one is interested with the fruits of her hands
it is of no value, buyers will know without guidance
-25 Mediocrity and inelegance she noticeably wears
she cannot feel secure and the future she fears
-26 She thinks she is wise, she displays her baloney
her tongue is always loose, her teachings are fleshly
-29 She is not concern with the household’s business
she is over-stuffed by the meals of idleness
-28 To her words, her children give no consideration
Her husband cannot mention any commendation
-29 Instead he asks, “Can’t you do something noble?
Can’t you hold your tongue from your babble?”
-30 Her highest priority is having momentary beauty
she barters for red lips over Christ’s supremacy
-31 Nobody will notice when she is already gone
she will hear praise only from men of same mind

Click here for the true Proverbs 31:10-31.

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