Free Book: Refuting Evolution 2

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The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.
~ 1 Timothy 1:5

“Why Do You Believe What You Believe?” is the theme for the second council meeting of the young people here at our district. It is enthusing to learn that United Methodist youths are recapturing interests for Christian apologetics. It is, therefore, timely to give away an apologetic book. Jonathan Sarfati “adroitly makes light of the inaccuracies and fallacies of evolutionary theory, and offers sound creationist interpretation of the facts” in his Refuting Evolution 2.

Take a look at its table of contents:

Unit 1. Claim: Evolution is Science
Evolutionists insist that evolutionary theory is science, and claim that creationism is religion.
Chapter 1: Argument: Creationism is religion, not science
Chapter 2: Argument: Evolution is compatible with Christian religion
Chapter 3: Argument: Evolution is true science, not ‘just a theory’
Unit 2. Claim: Evolution is well supported by the evidence
Evolutionists claim that they have found abundant, observable evidence of evolution.
Chapter 4: Argument: Natural selection leads to speciation
Chapter 5: Argument: Some mutations are beneficial
Chapter 6: Argument: Common design points to common ancestry
Chapter 7: Argument: ‘Bad design’ is evidence of leftovers from evolution
Chapter 8: Argument: The fossil record supports evolution
Unit 3. Claim: ‘Problems’ with evolution are illusory
Evolutionists argue that there are reasonable theories for even the biggest ‘surprises’ of evolution.
Chapter 9: Argument: Probability of evolution
Chapter 10: Argument: ‘Irreducible complexity’
Chapter 11: Argument: Evolution of sex
Chapter 12: Argument: Evolution of mankind
Appendix 1: Common arguments for evolution that have been rejected
Appendix 2: Common arguments for creation that should not be used

(In case you don’t win, you may read the book online at the website of Creation Ministries International.)

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