Three Johns, Three Points, Three Subjects

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John Wesley's Three Rules on Harmonious Living
(1) Do no harm
(2) Do good
(3) Stay in love with God

    John Calvin's Three-fold Use of the Law
         (1) The Pedagogical Use.  The Law is a teacher showing us GOD's righteousness and condemning us for falling short of GOD's glory.
         (2) The Judicial Use.  The Law threatens with punishments against trespasses exhorting us to sin less.
         (3) The Didactic Use. The Law serves as a normative guide to holiness and love, both for GOD and for others.

      John Owen's Three Choices on Atonement
      God imposed His wrath due unto, and the Son underwent the pains of hell for, either:
           (1) All the sins of all men.
           (2) All the sins of some men, or
           (3) Some sins of all men.
         In which case it may be said:
             If the last, some sins of all men, then have all men some sins to answer for, and so shall no man be saved.
             If the second, that is it which we affirm, that Christ in their stead and room suffered for all the sins of all the elect in the world.
             But if the first be true, why are not all men free from the punishment due unto their sins?

             You answer, "Because of their unbelief."

        I ask, "Is this unbelief a sin, or is it not? If it is, then Christ suffered the punishment due unto it, or He did not. If He did, why must that hinder them more than their other sins for which He died? If He did not, He did not die for all their sins!"

        (from: The Death of Death in the Death of Christ)

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